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recrystallized adduct

General Information:
The recrystallized adduct appeared as white, thin, long crystals weighing 0.3606 g and with a melting point of 123-126C.
Based on the melting point ranges of the adduct sample, it was concluded that the unknown diene was alpha-phellandrene.

1. DRAW the structure of the alpha-phellandrene diene in eucalyptus oil, and justify your conclusion?
2. Calculate the theoretical yield of the adduct (0.3606 g of alpha phellandrene) based on the mass of maleic anhdydride (0.4559 g of maleic)? Also calculate the percentage yield? (Please show all work)
3. DRAW all possible structures of the adduct (ignore enantiomers; Please DRAW OUT ALL STRUCTURES)? Which is the most likely structure?
4. Based on Question#3, label each of the structures DRAWN as bridgehead endo or exo hydrogens?

I have attached so background information that will be useful.


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