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    Heating a pot of water with butane gas

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    You want to heat a pot of water. If you assume that the pot is made out of iron, which has a mass of 11.00 kg with a specific heat capacity (s) of 0.4498 J/g C, and you have exactly 1 L of pure water, starting with the water at exactly 15C and wanting to get the water to boil, how many grams of butane gas (C4H10) will need to be burned, in oxygen, to raise this amount of water to its boiling point? The specific heat capacity of water is 4.184 J/g C, the heats of formation of C4H10, CO2, and H2O(g) are 126.0 kJ/mol, 393.5 kJ/mol, and 241.8 kJ/mole, respectively; and the density of water at 15C is 0.9991026 g/mL.

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