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    Heat Capacity and Combustion of Isopropyl Alcohol

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    The combustion of isopropyl alcohol occurs according to the following reaction:

    C3H7OH (l) + 9/2 (g) ----> 3CO2(g) + 4H20 (g)

    How much work is done if 1 mole of isopropyl alcohol is burned at a temperature of 298k and 1 atm. pressure? Give your answer in the following units: (a) L- atm, (b) J and (c) KJ.

    If the heat of combustion of isopropyl alcohol delta H=-2007.7 KJ/mol at 298 k and 1 atm. pressure, what is the value of delta E for the reaction? Give your answer in kJ/mol.

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    C3H7OH(l) + 9/2 O2(g) --> 3 CO2(g) + 4 H2O(g)

    H = -2007.7 kJ mol-1

    a) w = - P * delta V
    = - ...

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