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    Temperature Chage Observed When Burning a Sample in a Calorimeter

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    High-purity benzoic acid (C6H5COOH; DHcomb = -3227 kJ/mol) is a combustion standard for calibrating bomb calorimeters. A 1.221-g sample burns in a calorimeter (heat capacity = 1365 J/degC) that contains exactly 1.200 kg water. What temperature change is observed?

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    To answer these types of questions it is useful to use this equation.

    nDHcomb = DT(Cbomb + mCwater)

    n = moles of substance being tested in the ...

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    The solution employs one very useful equation from the relevant theory to solve for the temperature change observed when burning a sample of benzoic acid in a bomb calorimeter containing exactly 1kg of water to calibrate it.