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General chemistry questions

23) ....CrOsub2^- + ... OH^-...CrOsub4^2- + ...Hsub2O+ e^-

When the equation for the half reaction above is balanced what is the ratio of the coefficient's
OH^-: CrOsub2^-?
a) 1:1
b) 2:1
c) 3:1
d) 4:1
e) 5:1

24) CuO(s) + Hsub2(g) <--- / ---> Cu(s) + Hsub2O(g) triangle H = -2.0kJ

The Substances in the equation about are at equilibrium at pressure P and temperature T. The Equilibrium can be shifted to favor the products by

a) increase the pressure by means of a moving piston at constant T
b) increasing the pressure by adding an inert gas such as nitrogen
c) decreasing the temperature
d) allowing some gases to escape at constant P and T
e) adding a catalyst

25) The molarity of the glucose in a 1.0M glucose solution can be obtained by using which of the following

a) solubility of glucose in water
b) degree of dissociation of glucose
c) volume of the solution
d) temperature of the solution
e) density of the solution

26) The geometry of the SOsub3 molecule is best described as

a) trigonal planar
b) trgonal pyramidial
c) Square Pyramidial
d) bent
e) tetrahedral

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23. Answer is 2:2 => 1:1 as the answer (a)

24) CuO(s) + Hsub2(g) <--- / ---> Cu(s) + Hsub2O(g) dH = -2.0kJ
If a reaction ...

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