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Gas Laws & Air Composition

1. What can cause a can to collapse?
2.The pressure at sea level in New York City is 14.3lbs./in2. Is the pressure felt by the can while it is collapsing higher or lower than this value?
3. If you placed an un-opened soda can on a hot plate and heated the can to a very high temperature. All of a sudden, the can explodes. what type of pressure would have to be experienced by the can if it exploded? Would it be higher or lower than 14.3lbs./in2?

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1. What caused the can to collapse?
The pressure inside the can was lower than the atmospheric pressure of about 1 bar at seal level. That is why the can collapsed.

2. The pressure at sea level in New York City is 14.3lbs/in2. Is the ...

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