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Finding change in free energy, enthalpy and entropy

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Could you take a look at some problems that I have answered to see if I'm in the right direction.

(a) Using this plot, estimate the enthalpy and entropy of binding for each protein to DNA.

(b) What is the free energy change for the binding of WT1 and EGR1 to DNA at 25oC?

(a) For each of the proteins: is the binding to DNA driven by entropy or enthalpy or both?

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To calculate delta_H and delta_S for the two proteins, its enough to just calculate the slope and the y intercept for each graph.
For calculating the slope, we have the formula,
slope = change in y/change in x = dy/dx

Here, from the graph, we cannot find the exact values for dy and dx as the points are not clear. But its a very simple calulation which you can easily do.

Having ...

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The solution explains each step and provides all mathematical steps.

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