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shift of reaction to produce more NOBr

Please help with the following physical chemistry problem.

Consider the exothermic reaction 2NO(g) + Br2(g) <----> 2NOBr(g). What can you do to the reaction mixture to produce more NOBr?
(Choose from the following choices:)
(a) Decrease T
(b) Remove Br2
(c) Add Br2
(d) Add NOBr
(e) Decrease P
(f) Remove NO
(g) Increase T
(h) Add NO
(i) Remove NOBr
(j) Increase P

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Le Chatelier's principle says that a system adjusts to minimize stress. Consequently, the equilibrium shifts such that whatever is added is removed.

First take a look the concentration changes:
The concentration can be changed by adding or removing a substance. If added, the equilibrium shifts to remove the substance. If removed, the equilibrium shifts to replace it.
(b) removing Br2: because the reactant is removed, the equilibrium shifts to the left to replace it. so it does not work ...

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The following posting explains how the given factors change the direction of the exothermic reaction. The solution is detailed and has a '5/5' rating.