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Rate Constant and Order of Reactions

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I need help understanding how to determine orders of reaction:
1. For a first order reaction w/rate constant of .35 sec-1, the percent starting material remaining after 25 sec is:

2. Rate data for the reaction 2 NOBr (g)->; 2 NO (g) + Br2 (g) follows:
[NOBr] Rate (mol L-1 s-1)
.0450 1.62 x 10-3
.0310 7.69 x 10-4
.0095 7.22 x 10-5

The overall order for the reaction is:

3. For the reaction 2 A ->; 1B, the rate constant is 6.00 x 10-3 (M min)-1. The overall order of reaction is:

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To understand the problems I go with the assumption that you have a basic understanding of the reaction kinetics.

1. For solving this problem we use the following equation in first order:

ln[A]t - ln[A]0 = ln[A]t/ ln[A]0 = -kt

where ln[A]t and ln[A]0 are ...

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The solution identifies what order of reaction each scenario is and also why such order is chosen. Full explanations on reaction kinetics and rate constants.