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Rate of reactions

The numerical value of the rate constant for the gaseous reaction

2N2O5 reacts to form 4No2 + O2

was found to be 5.80 times 10 exp -4. The initial concentration of N2O5 was 1.00 mol/L. Assuming all measurements are recorded in seconds, determine the time required for the reaction to be 60% complete.

Reaction between chloroform and chlorine

step 1: Cl2--- 2Cl Fast

step 2: CHCl3 + Cl ------ CCl3 + HCl slow

Step 3: CCl3 + Cl ------- CCl4 fast

If this is the correct mechanism what would be the experimental rate law

At 25 degrees Celsius, the equilibrium partial pressures in the reaction

NOCL(g) equlibrium NO(g) + 1/2 Cl2

PNOCl = 1.3 atm, PNO 0.050 atm PCl2 = 0.36 atm

What is Kp for this reaction.

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1. The dissociation of N2O5 follows first order kinetics. Therefore , the time required for 60 percent dissociation will be t =(1/k) ( 2.303)log [a/(a-x)]
Where; t ----- time required for the 60 percent dissociation of N2O5

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