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    Which SN1 reaction is faster?

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    Which reaction is faster and what is the kinetics of these reactions?
    a) (CH3)3CCl ----> (CH3)3COH (in 70% water/methanol)
    b) (CH3)3CCl ----> (CH3)3COH (in 50% water/acetone)

    The faster reaction is shown and the kinetics are discussed.

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    Consider the pair of reactions below to answer the following questions.



    Which reaction above is faster? Explain your answer.

    Reaction "a" is definitely faster. The same mechanism is occurring in both reactions. Please see the mechanism below. The difference lies in the POLARITY of the solutions. The solution in "a" is much more polar because both water and methanol are subject to hydrogen bonding (the ...

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    This solution gives two SN1 reactions of t-butyl chloride. They are both nucleophilic displacements involving water, but one of them is faster.