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Chemical Kinetics Problems

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Please explain what the s-1 means in the rate constant calculation. Can you please describe in detail why this is being added on as a unit and what it is used for.

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In first order reactions, the rate expression is Rate = k[A] where A is some reactant. k is the ...

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This complete solution includes a brief explanation and introduces relevant units of measurement.

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Using experimental results to determine the order of a chemical reaction and the rate constant from your understanding of chemical kinetics and species half life.

A reaction is defined by the following scheme:

X à  Y

When the concentration of X in a solution is 1.02 M, the half-life (t1/2) is 160 seconds.

When the concentration of X in solution is 2.05 M, the half-life (t1/2) is 80 seconds.

The above information applies when the reaction takes place at 25 degrees Celsius.

(a) What is the order of the reaction?
(b) Calculate the rate constant for the reaction.

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