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    Element's atomic weight based on temperature

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    1. If a chemical cold pack weighing 28grams and at a temperature of -2C was left in a 25C room for 3 days, what would be the final temperature of the pack?

    2. I have a lab experiment where I was used Styrofoam cup with deionized water for the purpose to measure temperature of the metal which previously was boiled for 5min. Instead of a Styrofoam cup, suggest a suitable replacement which can be used as a calorimeter?

    3. How would the results for atomic weight have differed if the hot water was never brought to a boil?

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    This sounds like an interesting thermochemistry laboratory.

    Your final temperature would be the room temperature given enough time, and 3 days seems like it would be long enough (depending on the capacity of the cold pack of course).

    If you were using a styrofoam cup as your calorimeter, you are a little low tech, ...

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    The solution discusses the differences in atomic weight based on temperature of water that the ions sit in in the context of a lab experiment (three different questions are answered).