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Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Reaction

Consider the reaction CO(g) + 2 H2(g) <-> CH3)H(l) at 25 degree C.
Change Gdegree(CO) =-137.3 KJ/mol
change Gdegree (CH3OH)= 166.3 KJ/mol
change in Hdegree (CO) = -110.5 KJ/mol
change in Hdegree (CH3OH) = 238.7 KJ/mol
Sdegree (CO) = 197.9 J/K x mol
Sdegree (CH3OH)= 126.8 J/K x mol

Calculate Sdegree(H2(g))

Show all work and steps to the problem.
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delta G reaction = change in Gdegree (CH3OH) - change in Gdegree (CO)
= 166.3 -(-137.3) = 303.6 KJ/mol
delta H reaction = ...

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The solution provides calculations of free energy, entropy, and enthalpy for the reaction between carbon monoxide and hydrogen.