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Environmental Chemistry: Hazardous Materials

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Air monitoring provides the following contaminant concentrations at the approximate center of a fire scene in which acres of automobile tires are burning: Carbon monoxide @ 1700 ppm; Carbon dioxide @ 7000 ppm; and Sulfur dioxide @ 600 ppm. Ignoring synergistic effects between these gases, which individual concentrations are considered life-threatening to the EH&S or FS professional responding to the scene? What combustion products are produced when materials made from polyacrylonitrile smolder and burn? What combination of properties is responsible for the selection of trinitrotoluene as a military explosive?

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Among 1700 ppm carbon monoxide, 7000 ppm carbon dioxide and 600 ppm sulfur dioxide, the most life threatening one will be: 600 ppm sulfur dioxide, because the IDLH (immediately dangerous to life and health) concentration values of them are 1200 ppm, 40000 ...

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