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Alkane formula, endothermic reactions, and calculating volume

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Question 26
The general formula of an alkane is:

Question 27
Endothermic reactions cause the surroundings to
cool down
heat up
become acidic
increase electromagnetic radiation

Question 28
In the compound 2-iodo-4-nitromethane, iodine is attached to the second carbon and nitrite is attached to the fourth carbon.

Question 29
The density of lead is 11.4 g/cm3 at 25C. Calculate the volume occupied by 25.0 g of lead.
2.19 cm3
0.456 cm3
285 cm3
1.24 cm3
6.05 cm3

Question 30
The elements in Group 7A are known by what name?
transition metals
alkali metals
alkaline earth metals

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26) CnH2n+2

27) cool down
Because the system absorbs heat from the surroundings.

28) ...

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