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Absolute Entropy

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Delta G sub f for Al203 = -1582 kJ/mol

delta H sub f for Al203 = -1676 kJ/mol

1. Calculate absolue entropy for S for oxygen (g) if:

S for Al(s) = 164 J/mol K

S for Al2O3 (s) = 51.0 J/mol K

2. Calculate the heat required to raise the temperature of 35.0 g of aluminum from 800 degrees C to 2600 degrees C

3. To calculate the standard heat of formation of C2H5OH Steps are
a) First write the reaction for the heat of formation of C2H5OH
b) Calculate delta S for the reaction
c) Calculate delta G for the reaction
d) Use the equation relating delta G, delta H and delta S to calculate delta H sub f of C2H5OH

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