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    Simple Entropy

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    Please help with the following problems.

    A) Define entropy. Why is entropy considered an absolute quantity?

    B) For each of the pairs of substances below, choose the one expected to have the greater absolute entropy. Explain your answer. Assume 1 mol of each substance.

    i) Cu(s) or C(graphite) at the same temperature and pressure

    ii) Ne(g) at 5.0atm or Ne(g) at 0.10atm, both at the same temperature.

    iii) Liquid water or liquid hexane, both at the same temperature and presure.

    iv) Ca(s) at 300K or Ca(s) at 500K, both at the same pressure.

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    A) Define entropy. Why is entropy considered an absolute quantity?

    Entropy is defined as the orderedness of a system. The more ordered, the less entropy. The more randomness the more entropy. The world tends toward systems of more randomness, or less order. For instance errosion is an entropic process. It is an absolute quantity, ...

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