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    Does the second law of thermodynamics contradicts evolution?

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    The second law of thermodynamics is often cited as a reason that biological evolution is not possible. What types of assumptions lead to this conclusion?
    Is this an accurate interpretation of the second law?
    Why or why not?
    Can biological evolution coincide with the second law of thermodynamics?
    How can organisms maintain their ordered state, and organismal integrity in light of the second law?
    What is the ultimate fate of all life, and the entire universe in light of the second law?

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    The second law of thermodynamics (according to Wikipedia) states:

    "The second law of thermodynamics is an expression of the universal law of increasing entropy, stating that the entropy of an isolated system which is not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium."

    the key word here is "isolated"

    One can hardly argue that the evolution process is an isolated system. Organisms come in touch with many other physical systems (sea ...

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    The solution explains how the evolutionary process is not in contradiction to the second law of thermodynamics and the principles of maximum entropy.