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Inorganic Thermodynamics: Corresponding Reactions

Note:  stands in for other symbols. PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT FOR PROPER FORMULA SYMBOLS.

Given the following data:

Gf Ca2+(aq) = -553 kJ / mol
Gf Cl-(aq) = -131 kJ / mol
Gf CaCl2(s) = - 748 kJ / mol
Ghyd Ca2+(g) = -1517 kJ / mol
Ghyd Cl-(g) = -334 kJ / mol

a) Write the reaction corresponding to the dissolution of CaCl2(s) and calculate the corresponding free energy: Gsol

b) Using a Born-Haber cycle (show the actual cycle), write Gsol as a function of Ghyd Ca2+(g), Ghyd Cl-(g) and Glattice CaCl2.

c) Using the answers in a) and b), calculate Glattice CaCl2


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