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    Properties of Metals and Non-Metals

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    Please help with the following problems.

    A) Which of the elements are likely to be metals?

    b) Which elements are gases at STP?

    c) Which element is most likely to be a non-metallic solid?

    d) Which elements are liquid at 200 degrees celcius?

    e) Which elements are likely to conduct well in the solid form?

    For each do you mind explaining why the answer is that answer.

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    a) Which of the elements are likely to be metals?

    Metals usually have high melting and boiling points. F and G have both. D has a low MP, but a very high BP so it is likely to be a metal as well. Metals are also very dense, so they will have the ...

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    This solution explains the following concepts. Simple explanations are provided for each problem.
    1) How to differentiate between metals and non-metals based on melting and boiling points.
    2) How to determine if an element is a gas at STP based on boiling point.
    3) How to determine which elements will be solid or liquid based on boiling points.