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Labelling a Galvanic Cell

Pb(s)| Pb2+ (1M) || Ag+ (1M) | Ag(s)
Determine which of the following statements about the cell shown are True or False.

The silver half-cell is the anode.
The mass of the silver electrode is increasing.
Electrons are spontaneously produced in the lead half-cell.
As the reaction proceeds, the concentration of the silver ions decreases.
The standard cell potential, Eo, equals 1.73 V.
Cations move from the lead half-cell to the silver half-cell.
The lead electrode is the anode.
The cell, as represented by the line notation, is an electrolytic cell.

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In your cell, the half-reactions are:

Ag+ + 1 e- --> Ag (s) 0.80 V
Pb+2 + 2e- --> Pb (s) -0.13 V

Because the lead reaction is negative, it is more likely to occur in the opposite direction:

Pb (s) --> Pb+2 + 2 e- 0.13 V

The half-reactions will be:

Ag+ + 1 e- --> Ag (s) 0.80 V
Pb (s) --> Pb+2 + 2 e- 0.13 V

Below, your answers are in parentheses and the correct answers are in caps:

The silver half-cell is the anode. ...

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This solution labels the various parts of a galvanic cell including cathode, anode, where metal will be deposited, and the standard-cell potential.