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    Cell diagram for Galvanic cells

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    1. Calculate the value of ?G for the galvanic cell described in problem 1.

    2. How many mL of .1000 M sodium hydroxide must be added to 500 mL of .1000 M formic acid to prepare a buffer solution with a pH of 4.00?

    Problem 1

    Write the cell diagram for a galvanic cell consisting of a silver electrode in contact with .300 M silver nitrate solution and a copper electrode in contact with a .500 M copper nitrate solution.

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    The cell can be drawn as shown above

    The cell reaction can be written as

    EMF of the cell can be calculated as Ecell= EL - ER

    Ecell = 0.3-0.8
    Ecell= -0.5

    EMF of the cell at 250C can be calculated using Nernst equation

    Ecell = E0cell - 0.0591/nlog [oxidized]/[Reduced]

    Ecell= -0.5-0.0591/2log [0.5]/[0.6]

    Ecell= ...

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    The solution calculates the value of ?G for the galvanic cell described in problem 1.