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    Titration: reaction and yield

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    What volume of 15.7 M HNO3 is needed to prepare 0.500 L of 2.00 M HNO3? Please provide detailed explanation

    An experiment reacts 2.50 g of aniline C6H7N, with 4.00 mL of acetic anhydride C4H6O3 (density=1.082 g/mL), and produces 2.92 g of acetanilide, C8H9NO. Calculate the theoretical yield and the percentage yield of acetanilide for this experiment. Please provide detailed explanations.

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    1. Let us assume X litre of 15.7M HNO3 is needed to prepare 0.50L of 2.00M HNO3.

    Total quantity to be conserved, i.e., the quantity of HNO3 in the first solution should be unchanged. This is obtained by volume multiplied by strength of the solution.


    X * ...

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    Two titration problems are solved. In the first one, volume is estimated, and in the second, theoretical and percentage yields are estimated.