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Gas Chromatography for GLC Traces

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Refer to the GLC traces given in Figure 6.16. These are analyses of the various fractions collected during the fractional distillation of the mixture of cyclohexane and toluene. The weight and mole correction factors (flame ionization detector) for cyclohexane are 0.84 and 0.78, respectively, and those for toluene are given in Table 6.2. Accurately determine both the weight and percent and the mole percent compositions of the distillation fractions A, B, and C.

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The following posting helps with a problem involving gas chromatography for GLC traces.

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Consider each GC trace to be a triangle
1. Measure the height of the triangle. Let it be 'h'.
2. At height h/2, measure the width. Let it be 'w'
3. The area of the triangle = h x w
4. For each fraction there are only two peaks. So you should have 2 areas of triangles per fraction.
5. Next, identify each peak in a fraction with each compound. You can look at which has a lower boiling point. This will ...

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