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rate of reaction between iodide and bromate in acidic solution

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The equation for the reaction between iodide and bromate in acidic solution is

6I-(aq) + BrO3-(aq) + 6H+(aq) ---> 3I2(aq) + Br-(aq) + 3H2O

The rate of the reaction is followed by measuring the appearance of I2. The following data are obtained.
[I-] [BrO3-] [H+] Initial Rate (mol/L x s)
0.0020 0.0080 0.020 8.89 x 10-5
0.0040 0.0080 0.020 1.78 x 10-4
0.0020 0.0160 0.020 1.78 x 10-4
0.0020 0.0080 0.040 3.56 x 10-4
0.0015 0.0040 0.030 7.51 x 10-5

They want to know:
What is the order of the reaction with respect to each reactant?
Write the rate expression for the reaction
Calculate k.
What is the hydrogen ion concentration when the rate is 5.00 x 10-4 mol/Lxs and [I-] = 1/2[BrO3-]= 0.0075M?

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This is a kinetics experimental technique, and the only way you can find a Rate law....

Start with a generic rate law that has all the things you are testing in it....

Rate = k[I-]^x[BrO3-]^y[H+]^z

from the experiments you will be able to find the superscripts x, y, and z.

Here is how you do it.....

To find the effect that [I-] has on ...

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The reaction rate between iodide and bromate in acidic solution is investigated.