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    Acidic and basic solutions

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    Predict whether aqueous solutions of each of the following salts are acidic, neutral, or basic:

    Potassium iodide

    Potassium hydrogen phosphate

    Are these two kind of similar? I thought that potassium did not react with water. or does it form KOH and then would always be the strongest because OH is the strongest base?

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    Remember these rules:

    Salts made from the conjugate base of a weak acid end up being an alkaline solution because they increase the concentration of OH-.

    And salts made from the conjugate acid of a weak base end up being an acidic solution because they increase the concentration of H+.

    KI (potassium iodide) is a neutral salt. Why is this so? Because it contains neither a replaceable hydrogen nor a hydroxide group. In other words, if ...

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    This solution discusses whether aqueous solutions are acidic, neutral, or basic.