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    Calculate Keq and Equilibrium Partial Pressure

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    A mixture of 0.20 mol of CO2, 0.10 mol of H2, AND 0.16 mol of H20 is placed in a 2.0L reaction vessel.

    The following equilibrium is established at 500 K:
    CO2 + H2 = CO + H2O

    At equilibrium P of H2O is 3.51 atm.

    a) Calculate partial pressure for CO2, H2 and CO
    b) Calculate equilibrium constant for this reaction.

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    Solution Summary

    In a reaction, four gases are mixed and their initial number of moles are given. We convert the moles into atm to find their initial partial pressures. When equilibrium is reached, the partial pressure of one gas is given. We are asked to find the partial pressures for the three other gases and thus calculate the Keq for the reaction.