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    Types of Bonding in Molecules

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    1. Which of the following compounds would be expected to exhibit hydrogen bonding: CH4, H2S, HCl, NH3?

    2. What intermolecular interactions would be strongest between atoms of krypton?

    3. List the following substances in order of increasing boiling point: Xe,Kr, Ar, Ne?

    4. Give an example of an ceramic compound.

    5. Suggest an element to add to pure silicon in order to make an n-type semiconductor.

    6. The vapour pressure of water at 20 deg C is 17.5 torr. What is the vapour pressure of water above an aqueous solution that 1.00% glucose(C6H12O6) by mole? Answer in torr, use 3 sig figs.

    7. Calculate the freezing point of a 1.1m sucrose aqueous solution at STP, (K'f=1.86 deg C/m) answer in celsius to two decimal places.

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