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Molecular Geometry of Negative Ion

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1. What is the molecular geometry of the IO3 (negative) ion?

2. 5.00g of Mg(solid) was reacted completely with S(solid) to form MgS(solid) and 71.2 kj of heat was evolved.  What is the molar enthalpy of formation of MgS(solid)? Answer in kj/mol to 3 sig figs.

3. Calculate the uncertainty in the position of an electron if the uncertainty in the velocity is 8.0 x 10^6 m/s. Answer in meters, in scientific notation to two sig figs. (M'e=9.109 x 10^negative 31 kg)

4. What is the energy of a photon released when an electron goes from n=2 to n=1 energy levels in a hydrogen atom? Answer in joules, in scientific notation, 2 sig figs.

5. What is the hybridization of the central atom in XeF2?

6. What is the approximate H-C-N bond angle in HCN?

7. Draw lewis structure for ClO'4 Minus that minimizes formal charges.

8. List in order of increasing ionization energy: S, Cl, Ar, K.

9. List in order of increasing lattice energy: MgCl2, SrCl2, MgO,SrO.

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The molecular geometry of a negative ion is determined.

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Trigonal pyramid
5/24.3 = 0.205 moles
(1/0.205) x 71.2 = 347.3 kj/mol
(ℏ/Δv)/2m = Δx
m=9.11*10^-31 ...

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