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    Down syndrome,Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome

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    I need help with two paragraphs each on the following: symptoms of down symdrome, turner syndrome, and klinefelter syndrome.

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    Down Syndrome
    Down syndrome also called Trisomy 21 is caused by the presence of third copy of chromosome 21.The common symptoms of Down syndrome can never be generalized. They vary from person to person and at various stages of life.There are physical symptoms which can be seen externally or mental symptoms that can only be experienced. Lets take them one by one.
    Physical Symptoms
    The following are some of the common symptoms that can be seen in a person affected by down syndrome:
     Neck may be short with excess skin.
     Head may be small.
     Ears and mouth may be small.
     Muscles are not as strong as normal.
     Face may be flat.
     The colored part of the eyes may have white spots. These spots are known as Brushfield spots.
     Hands may be short and wide.
     Fingers may be short.
     There may a groove between the first and the second toe.

    Due to poor muscles growth these children may be slower than those without down syndrome. Such children sit, stand, walk or turn over quite late. They may take more time to reach the physical or mental level required under normal conditions.

    Intellectual and Developmental Symptoms
    Persons with down syndrome have ...

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    This posting gives a brief account of the symptoms of Down syndrome,Turner syndrome and Klinefelter syndrome. The genetic factors responsible for these disorders have been indicated.