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    Working with unbalanced chemical equations

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    1) Complete and balance the following reactions.

    a) Mg + P4 --====

    b) CaO + SO2 ---------

    c) Li + H2CO3 ----------

    d) H2MnO4 + Al(OH)3 -------

    e) K2O + H2CO3 --------

    f) HNO3 + H2O ----------

    g) As4O6 + H2O ----------

    h) Ba(C2H3O2)2 + H2SO4 -----------

    2) How many grams of selenic acid, H2SeO4, are contained in 2.5 liters of 0.20N H2SeO4 solution. Assume both protons react. ( please note the 0.20N is set up in Normality not molarity and the overall answer needs to be in grams.)

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