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    How to Prepare an HCl Solution

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    Prepare a step by step process to prepare 500 grams of a 5% HCl aqueous solution. (Assume 37% by mass HCl stock solution is used)

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    5% aqueous HCl solution means that in 100g of solution, 5g of that solution is HCl (5/100 = 5%).
    37% stock means that in 100g of solution, 37g is HCl (37/100 = 37%).

    Conversely, it might be easier to consider that ratio as: 0.5g of HCl per 1g final solution (5/100) and 1g HCl per 2.7g stock (100/37). What we've done here is identify easy ratios of HCl to final solution for the purpose of our calculations:

    0.5g HCl : 1g ...

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