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Concentration of an Acid after Titration

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During titration the following data were collected. A 50mL portion of an HCl solution was titrated with 0.50 M NaOH. It required 200mL of the base to neutralize the sample. How many grams of acid are in 500 mL of this acid solution?
The attached solution describes all steps of the required procedure to find out the unkonwn amount of HCl.

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The solution contains the calculation and general procedure of solving an acid-base titration problem.
The steps are described in plain text format. All necessary data are given so that no additional table is needed.

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To answer this question you need to know the molecular weight of HCl. Then you have to calculate how many moles you had in your sample and the amount of HCl in 500 mL.

The molecular weight requires knowledge of the atomic weight of H and ...

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