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titration of monoprotic weak acid with NaOH

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You are given a vial of unknown monoprotic weak acid. You weigh out .5000g of the acid and dissolve it in pure water to make a final volume of 100 ml. Your instructor requires you to use the entire 100.0 ml of acid solution in a single titration trial. In this trial, it takes 27.24 ml of .1500 M NaOH to reach the equivalence point.

How many moles of the unknown monoprotic acid are in the .50000g sample?

What is the molecular weight of this monoprotic acid in grams per mole?

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Since the acid is monoprotic, it only has 1 mole of H+ in 1 mole of the acid, the reaction with NaOH is then
HA + NaOH = NaA + H2O
so 1 mole of ...

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The solution shows how to find the molar mass of a monoprotic weak acid from its titration with NaOH.