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pH of ecosystems

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What are some ecosystems that depend heavily on maintaining a specific pH? Why is it necessary to maintain this pH? What is the range of pH's over which this particular system may function? What are some common consequences of deviating from this specific pH?

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This solution helps explore the role of pH in different ecosystems.

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This is a good question as it relates chemistry to ecosystem structure and function. I'm certain that most ecosystems require pH regulation, although the range of tolerable pH values may vary among components ie. soil pH may differ from that in the litter layer in a forest. One of the best (and most interesting, to me at least) examples of an ecosystem with an extreme pH is a peat bog. These are interesting and ecologically important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, a typical peat bog of the sort found in Northern climates (there are different types of bogs , I will speak ...

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