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Finding pH from ion concentrations

Could you show me how you solved to get pH of each solution:

Solution A has [H3O+] = 7.2à?10-5
Solution B has [H3O+] = 7.2à?10-4
Solution C has [OH-] = 3.0à?10-11
Solution D has [OH-] = 6.5à?10-11

(i) Which solution has the highest pH?
(ii) Which solution is the least acidic?
(iii) Which solution is the most acidic?
(iv) Which solution has the lowest pH?

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According to Arrhenious concept, an acid is defined as a substance that dissociates in water to give H+ (or H3O+) ions.
<br>for example,
<br>HCl + H2O -> H3O+ + Cl-
<br>A base is a substance that contains OH- ions or dissolves in water to produce OH- ions.
<br>For example,
<br>NH3 + H2O -> NH4+ + OH-
<br>The strength of an acid is a measure of the H+ ion ...

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The solution gives not only the answers but also the steps required to arrive at the answer. No mathematical step was avoided in the derivation.