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    Equilibrium no longer exists - reaction of opening a soft drink bottle

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    14. In a normal bottle of Coca Cola before it is opened, the following equilibrium exists:

    H2C03 <=> H+ +HCO3-; Ka = 4.2 x 1 O-7

    Once the bottle is opened, this equilibrium no longer exists. Explain what happens, and write a new equilibrium expression showing what happens. I'll give you a hint; there is more than one equilibrium, and its what happens when a soft drink goes "flat".

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    Basically, the second equilibrium is:

    H2O + CO2 (g) <------> H2CO3

    Therefore, what we've really got going is this:

    H2O + CO2 (g) <------> H2CO3 <------> H+ + ...

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