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    Equilibrium; Ionization; Concentration

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    15. Into a 5.0 liter flask was placed 35.7 g of PCI5 . The flask and contents were heated to 250 0 C, and then held at temperature until the following equilibrium was established:
    PcI5 (g)< > Pc13 (g) + Cl2 (g)

    It was then shown by analysis that 875 g of Cl2 was pesent in the equilibrium mixture. Calculate K~. (This will be a numerical calculation, not simply the equilibrium expression.)

    1 6. Given that K1 for acetic acid is 1 .8 X 10-5, calculate the percent ionization of 0.5 M acetic acid.

    1 7. Calculate the concentration of Hydrogen ions in a solution that is 0.1 M with respect to acetic acid and 0.2 M with respect to NaC2H3O2. Use the K1 for acetic acid listed in problem 16. (Hint: In order to work this problem you will need to remember how salts compared to weak acids are relatively ionized.)

    18. The above problem is respresentative of what type of system?

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