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Effects of heat and acid on Copper

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1) What is the effect of heat on an element such as copper? What new substance is formed? What is the effect of heat on a compound such as copper(II) carbonate? What gas is produced.?

2) What is the effect of acid on the following substances and what gas is produced?

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1) Copper does not burn, but copper wire becomes coated with a black-coloured substance. In the presence of air copper forms its oixide.

Copper(II) carbonate decomposes to copper(II) oxide and carbon dioxide gas is produced.

2) Copper does not react with ...

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The effects of heat and acid on copper, zinc, calcium hydroxide, and copper(II) carbonate are discussed. A discussion of whether gas would be produced if these elements were heat or covered in acid is in the solution. The solution is 165 words.