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Converting Units of Measure and Chemical Formulas

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1. How many grams of CI2 can be prepared from the reaction of 15.0 g of MnO2 and 30.0 g of HCl according to the following equation?

2. How many mL is 0.005 L?

3. Give the number of protons (p), electrons (e), and neutrons (n) in one atom of chlorine - which has the symbol Cl.

4. A newborn baby weighs eight and one half pounds. How much does the baby weigh in kilograms?

5. Which is the correct formula for copper(II) phosphate?

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This solution is provided in approximately 624 words in an attached .doc and .pdf file. It calculates molar weight and finds limiting reagents, as well as calculates molar mass, converts units of measure, and determines chemical formula.

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