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What is the limiting reagent?

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In the lab you measure 0.65 g of aluminum foil and place it in a beaker under the hood. Very carefully you measure 2.0 mL of Br2 ( 2 needs to be subscript) (density 2.928 g/mL), aslo under the hood, and pour it into the beaker with the aluminum foil. A really cool reaction occurs. What is the limiting reagent? Show ALL necessary calculations.

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Solution includes the following steps: (1) write the balanced equation, (2) convert the given amount of the reactants into molar amount and (3) use the balanced equation to calculate how many mole of Br2 should be needed to react with 0.024 mol of Al.

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Dear student,

The first step in solving this type of questions is writing a balanced chemical reaction. So

2Al + 3Br2 --> 2AlBr3

The second step is converting the given amount of the ...

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