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    Balancing a reaction equation and calculating reactant mass.

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    When hydrochloric acid (hydrogen chloride) is released in the air, the oxygen reacts with it to produce chlorine gas and water. if you use 20.0L oxygen, how much hydrogen chloride(in g)could you react with to use the oxygen?

    a. 32.6g
    b. 8.15g
    c. 4088g
    d. 130g

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    The first step is to balance the reaction.

    The reaction is:

    4HCl+O_2 = 2H_2O+2Cl_2

    So as you can see that one mole of O_2 (The native state of ...

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    The expert balances a reaction equation and calculates the reactant mass. How much hydrogen chloride could be reacted with the use of oxygen is determined.