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    Acid-Base Reaction Problem

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    An aqueous solution contains dissolved C6H5NH3Cl and C6H5NH2. The concentration of C6H5NH2 is 0.50 and pH is 4.20.
    a. Calculate the concentration of C6H5NH3+ in this buffer solution.
    b. Calculate the Ph after 4.0 grams of NaOH(s) is added to 1.0 L of this solution. Neglect any volume change.

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    a. calculate the concentration of C6H5NH3+ in this buffer solution.

    first we need the dissociation constant for the weak acid or base http://www.zirchrom.com/organic.htm is a good reference and from that I find pKa is 4.63

    This correspomds to the following reaction: C6H5 NH3(+) = C6H5NH2 + H(+)

    I am going to drop the C6H5 part in my derivation and call this reaction:

    -NH3(+) = H(+) + NH2 The ka is given by [H][NH2]/ ...

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