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    Acidity and Undissociated Acid

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    A weak acid has a pKa of 3.654. If the solution pH is 3.741, what percentage of the acid is undissociated?

    A weak acid has a pKa of 5.857. Calculate the pH of a solution in which the ratio of the concentrations of acid anion to undissociated anion ([A-]/[HA]) equals 7.555.

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    Ka = [H][A]/[HA] for a monoprotic acid

    pka =-logKa = -log[H][A]/[HA] = pH - log[A]/[HA]


    [A] =x amount of acid dissociated

    [HA] = U-x U is original amount of the acid before dissociation occurs

    U-x is also the ...

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