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Blending of Wines with Acid

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I need some help with this question:
Two wines are available for blending: One tank of 1000 L has a Titratable Acidity of 9.0 g/L and another tank containing 2000 L has a Titratable Acidity of 0.6 g/L.

How much volume do you need to blend to make the 9.0 g/L Titatrable Acid wine equivalent to 7.2 g/L? What is the final volume of the blend?

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In these types of questions, in order to find the acidity of the blend, we should multiply the volumes of components with their acidities, find their sum and then divide this number to the total volume. However in this question we are asked to find the volume of one of the components.

For this mix, we need to learn the volume we need to blend to ...

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This solution contains step-by-step calculations and explanations to determine the volume required to make the titratable acid wine equivalent to 7.2g/L, and also the final volume of the blend. All workings and formulas are shown.

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