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Predict Chemical Reactions' Products

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I am having difficulty predicting products of chemical reactions examples. Please review my work and give me feedback:

AgNO3 + NaBrO3 -> AgO3 + NaNO3 + Br
Hg2S + NH4NO3 -> Hg2N2H2 + SO3
Pb(OH)2 + CuNO3 -> PbNO3 + Cu(OH)2
Li + SnOH -> LiOH + Sn.

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The correct answer should be:
AgNO3 + NaBrO3 -> AgBr + NaNO3 + 3/2 O2 : modified
This is because, the Ag always forms a precipitate with Br, NaNO3 is soluble in ...

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The solution provides feedback to the predictions made by the asker, explaining what was correct and what was not clearly in each case and concludes with general advice for similar problems in the future.

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