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Using Profile template to create a profile of host country

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Individual portion:

Use your group's cultural profile template to create a profile of your own host country. On an individual basis, present your host country's information according to the structure of the template. Your submission should contain 850-1500 words.

As an example, one section of your template might look like the following:

Host country: Mexico
Section: Business Etiquette
Subsection: Socialization
Bullet 1: It is customary for foreign business persons to show an interest in the historic and cultural landmarks of Mexico before business is conducted. First-time business visitors to Mexico City are frequently taken to important landmarks such as the floating gardens at Xochimilco, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and the Palacio Nacional, followed by an evening of dining and building relationships. Foreign business persons who may come from a strict "let's get down to business" approach, may find themselves impatient with the time taken, and fail to take advantage of this opportunity to develop the relationships necessary for success while alienating their Mexican counterparts.

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// While writing this paper, we will first talk about Mexico by giving a brief description, in order to incisively draft a profile of the country. Further, we will do the complete analysis of the country in discussion. The analysis will include cultural profile, demographics, legal and political issues and business etiquettes.

Mexico is the centralized constitutional republic that is surrounded by the United States in the north and Belize and Guatemala in the southeast. It is 14th most famous independent nation and fifth largest country in America. The population of Mexico is about 109 million (Background Note: Mexico, 2009).

American manufacture sales Inc. (AMS) is located in South Dakota. The company manufactures and sells its electric transformer products solely within domestic markets and Canada.

Culture profile template

Host Country: Mexico
Section 1; Cultural Profile

The word culture came from a Latin word cultura, which means to cultivate. The word culture has different meanings. The concept of culture came into existence in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. The word culture is used in three essential sanities, which include humanities, high culture and fine arts.
Managing cultural profile can help world wide operating businesses to come to an understanding the significance with different operating businesses.
Sub- Section-A
Taste and preferences include the food habits, living standard of the Mexican people
Feminine and Masculine: Mexican people are more masculine, which means that Mexican managers are generally, confident and are good decision makers. The people of this nation welcome modification (The World Factbook, 2009).
Collectivism or individualism: Mexican people believe in collectivism, which infers that they give more importance to their relationships than their tasks. Because if ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1066 words with references.

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