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    Analysis of a Regional Integration Organization

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    The case for regional integration is both economic and political. The case for integration is typically not accepted by many groups within a country, which explains why most attempts to achieve regional economic integration have been contentious and halting. Select a regional integration located in Europe, America, or Asia.

    Perform a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (S.W.O.T.) analysis of the Regional Integration of your choice. Provide detailed examples to support your findings.

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    A regional Asian integration program known as ASEAN, involving China, Japan and Korea has its share of problems. There are concerns on many levels. First, while there has been little difficulty in establishing free trade zones, there has been some challenge in that exclusion for some business sectors still exists. Another challenge is in the regulation of services in all ASEAN nations. While ASEAN has the desire to allow liberal flow of services to and from all member nations, it also realizes the need for oversight. Financial difficulties are identified, as exchange rates between nations are different.

    Strengths: Many of the ...

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    The analysis investigates the strengths and weaknesses of an Asian Integration organization, designed to benefit markets in a variety of Asian industries. It looks at both the economic and political advantages and challenges of developing and utilizing such an integration program.