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    Regional Integration for and Against Articles

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    Africa- COMESA (member countries include Angola, Burundi, Sudan and etc).
    Regional Integration for and Against Articles

    Need help preparing TWO 350-word articles, my selected region is Africa and my trading block is COMESA (member countries include Angola, Burundi, Sudan and etc), one article in favor (advantages) of regional integration and another article against (disadvantages) regional integration.

    For the region and trading bloc/trading group, In 700 total words generate a report that describes Africa region and the trading bloc/trading group (member nations, purpose/objectives, history, current status, etc.), and covers both sides of the regional integration issue - for regional integration and against regional integration for the respective region (not in general.) Describe the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration and relate the stage of economic development of the economically integrated region to potential business opportunities.

    Need references in APA Format.
    Please provide proper references and cites properly format. If you are using a book, please provide chapter, paragraph and/or page number(s)

    Also, when providing websites internet references, please make sure I am allowed or able to retrieve those references (they should NOT be from subscribed websites etc).

    No plagiarism

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    // Regional Integration is the emerging issue in the sphere of international co operations. There are arguments given in favor, as well as, against them. The paper focuses on the African regional cooperation block i.e. COMESA for its analysis. In order to start; we should begin with a description about the organization.//

    Article 1

    For Regional integration

    It is nowadays, a common practice that nations come together to form a trading block in order to consolidate their advantages. The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa, or COMESA is one such effort in this direction. This trade organization has twenty one member states, which covers the African region from Libya to Zimbabwe. It was formed in the year 1994, as the replacement of then existing Preferential Trade Area formed in 1981. In 200, nine member states formed a free trade zone, which included Egypt, Djibouti, Madagascar, Kenya, Mauritius, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Sudan and they were later joined by Rwanda and Burundi and the Comoros and Libya in 2004 and2006 respectively. This trade block is considered to be one of the strengths of the African Economic Community. The aim of this community is to provide for a regional economic integration through investments and common trade so as to achieve its goal of becoming a consolidated competitive regional economic community (Common Market of Eastern and Southern Africa, n.d.). For the achievement of this objective, the COMESA is combining a variety of strategies like trade development, infrastructure development, investment promotion, science and technology development and coordination among its member. This block is working for the formation of a Monetary Union. This block in addition, is working on a variety of ...

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